Deniz Üster

Deniz Uster (b.1981-Istanbul) is a Glasgow-based multidisciplinary artist/researcher previously presented at ICA (London), CCA (Glasgow) and Sabanci Museum (Istanbul), amongst others. She received awards and commissions internationally towards residencies and production of new work, and exhibited in South Korea, UAE, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Turkey, UK, Hong Kong, Italy, Chile, Azerbaijan, Finland and Germany. Uster studied Painting and Drawing at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Istanbul. She completed her MA in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design at Sabanci University, Istanbul and her MFA in Fine Arts at Glasgow School of Art.


Uster’s practice is rooted in anthropological and ethnographic research, interwoven with speculative fiction. A fictional shift in nature in her narratives forms the foundation for alternative social structures, cultures, economic systems, futures and histories.  Absorbed in non-Western futurities and cultural heterogeneity, Uster’s work and research investigate the possibility of an alternative temporality, which contests the linear character of time conception, hence horizontal chronology is approached as a conservative framework. She is inspired by the voids institutional history provides, and she embodies these gaps with alternate fictional occurrences adhered to what is already narrated as the history we know. 


Uster explores, articulates and evaluates challenging ideas about social relationships and political-economic systems, while collaboratively creating counter-narratives for oppressive circumstances with author Gürçim Yılmaz. She is also currently investigating alternative, mobile modes of presentation of her work in the form of wearable pieces, under the title ‘Otherscapes'.