Coming, 2013, Mixed media on paper, 122x152 cm.

Coming, 2013, Mixed media on paper, 122x152 cm.


Sena was born in 1982, in Istanbul. She graduated from London Central Saint Martins Arts College, Graphic Arts and Design Department in 2006. She worked on socially responsible art projects and exhibited her work in various areas of England and Istanbul. She was one of the two creators of “Tershane” project that started in 2006. Her solo shows at x-ist were “2” (2009), “3 Angle” (2010) and “Fantastic 4” (2011). She also took place in Contemporary Istanbul’06, 07, 08, 09, 10 & 11, Start-2009 (14thEuropean Contemporary Art Fair, Strasbourg, France), VIP Art Fair 2012, Art Dubai 2012 and SCOPE Basel 2012 fairs.






Artful Living, February 2016
Sena / \"İçimde Hep Bir Şifalandırma Güdüsü Var\" - Ece Koçal | Artful Living (PDF)

Sanaonline, February 2016
Sena\'nın Çeyizini Açtık (PDF)