Silva Bingaz

Silva Bingaz was born in eastern Turkey as a daughter of an Armenian family. She currently lives and works in Istanbul.


Her first serious work was a story of an Iraqi immigrant woman named Beyan on which Bingaz had worked for three years starting from 2001. At the same period in 2002, she also has started working on her ongoing project “Coast”.


Bingaz is a self-educated photographer and participated in various workshops dedicated to provide critical understanding of image making, which gave her an opportunity to work closely with major photographers in a number of countries and most notably in France. Encounters and interactions with master photographers from various countries have shaped Bingaz's understanding of the technique and aesthetics of photography and her awareness of contemporary trends in the medium.


Selections from Bingaz's project “Coast” were shown at the venue Depo in Istanbul in 2007, at the Kalfayan Gallery in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2008, as well as at Istanbul Modern as part of the “Uncanny Encounters“ exhibition in 2011. She took part in “EU Women”, a project presented in 2007 in Lodz, Paris, Sevilla, and New York. Bingaz also participated in the exhibition “Mahalle / Neighbourhood” organized as a part of the Portable Art Project of the 2010 Istanbul European Capital of Culture Agency.

Same year, she was invited to the Japanese city Tottori as one of the photographers selected each year from European Capitals of Culture to take part in the EU-Japan Fest cultural exchange program “European Eyes on Japan”. Her Tottori project was published in Japan Today Vol.12 and exhibited in Japan as well as in Istanbul as a part of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture.


She was commissioned by Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton to create new body of work called 'Insider' to take part in an exhibition titled 'Journeys Wanderings in contemporary Turkey', along with some other major contemporary artists from Turkey in 2012. A comprehensive selection from her Japan works - including some new photographs from 2011- was shown as an exhibition entitled ‘Coast of the East’ at Pilevneli Project at the beginning of 2013, which was the third exhibit of her work on Japan.


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