The Purple Room, Sevda

The Purple Room, Sevda

Helio León

Helio León, b.1987, Madrid, Spain.
He’s documenting his life with photography since his adolescence. In 2011 he got his BFA in the University of Cuenca, Spain. His work has been shown in Noorderlicht festival, Krakow Photomonth, Cork Photo, UK, Italy, Spain, Japan and USA.


He has published in the Blacklie Volume 1 book, Source Magazine, Dienacht and Vice among other publications.
In 2015 he was shortlisted in The Gomma Photography Grant and in 2014 was finalist of the XII Becas Roberto Villagraz.


He’s currently part of the photography and performance project Mersk in which he performs and chants along drone and noise musicians while transforming and distorting his photographs.



2015 Pulse, Noorderlicht Photo Festival, Netherlands.

2015 Shell, Cork Community Print Shop, Cork Photo.

2015 Mutant Journey, The Guesthouse, Cork Photo.

2015 One Stop Photo London, London. 

2015 ShowOFF exhibition 2015, Krakow Photomonth, Poland.

2015 Blacklie. Volume I, Limes Gallery, Cagliari, Italy. 

2014 Dark Intent, Camden Palace Hotel, Cork, Ireland.

2014 Disarticulation, Soma Contemporary Gallery, Waterford, Ireland.

2014 Eflatun (Purple), Cork Photo Fringe, The Beggarman, Cork, Ireland.

2014 Warwick Road, Cork Photo Fringe, Camden Palace Hotel, Cork, Ireland.

2011 Ikas-Art 2011, 3rd edition, Bilbao Exhibition Centre, Bilbao, Spain.

2011 Sense Títol 2011, Barcelona, Spain.

2010 Alchemy, Piper Lofts Space, Kansas City, USA.

2006 Gonzalo Cao: 50 años pa ná, Fundación Antonio Pérez, Cuenca, Spain.


2016 Teeth Magazine, Issue 3, Internal Inferno 

2016 BKN Magazine Issue 2, Subculture. 

2016 Dienacht Magazine #18

2016 Azar Magazine Issue 5

2015 Dollhouse, The Dapifer. 

2015 Interview, Urbanautica.

2015 Source Magazine, Issue 83. 

2015 Cool for cats, Jute vol XXII.

2015 Onestop London, L'Oeil de la Photographie.

2015 Poesía entre cristales, Vice Spain.

2015 Hot'N' Gold Magazine. 

2015 Photographic Museum of Humanity. 

2015 Dienacht Magazine. 

2014 Pink Awakening, Polyester Magazine.

2014 Más allá de un diario íntimo, Mone Monkey.

2014 Barcelona Queer, Vice Spain.

2014 La heroinómana del espacio sigue viva en Estambul, Vice Spain.

2014 Front Page Photo, Gomma. 

2014 Warwick Road, Howlzine.

2013 Pienso que escribir, Tenían veinte años y estaban locos.

2013 Píldoras antipániko, Pensamiento puñal.

2010 Various collection, Tinyvices. 

Selected Performances/Screenings

2016 Slideluck Tokyo.

2015 Sea of Okhotsk, Dublin Live Art Festival.

2015 The Purple Room, Photo Kathmandu.

2015 Into The Purple Room, FotoIstanbul.

2015 The night of the street dogs, Source, Belfast.

2015 Sea of Okhotsk, Community PrintShop, Cork.

Curatorial work

2015 Close Encounters, Indie Cork.

2015 Personal Mythologies, Tactic, Cork Photo.


2015 Cork Photo Grant.

2015 ShowOFF 2015, selected by Michael Ackerman, Krakow Photomonth.

2015 Gomma Photography Grant 2014, shortlisted. 

2014 XII Becas Roberto Villagraz, Finalist, EFTI, Madrid, Spain.

2013 Limes Images Photo Contest / Book Project, Storytelling Category. 

2011 Ikas-Art 2011, Bilbao, Spain.

2011 Sense Títol 2011, Barcelona, Spain. 

2010 Seneca Grant, Universidad de Bellas Artes de Barcelona.

2009 Bilateral Agreement, Kansas City Art Institute, USA.

2007 Erasmus Grant, Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi, Istanbul.


2016 (Upcoming) Blacklie Vol. 2.

2015 Data Rush/Pulse, Noorderlicht.

2014 Blacklie Vol. I, Published by Nick Arjolas and Massimiliano Perasso.

2011 Ikas-Art 2011, Exhibition Catalog, Bilbao, Spain.

2006 Gonzalo Cao: 50 años pa ná, Exhibition Catalog, Cuenca, Spain.


2014 Intern workshop with Anders Petersen, London.

2012 Workshop with Michael Ackerman, Istanbul.

2011 BFA, Facultad de Bellas Artes de Cuenca, Cuenca, Spain.