Lale Tara

Lale Tara (b. 1957) lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. She is known for her surreal, visually evocative and often provocative photographs of a life-sized doll as her Doppelgẩnger, juxtaposed with abandoned and alienated locations.

Film-like production takes place for every project; Tara, as writer, producer and photographer, sets up her shoot on location or at the studio along with experienced crew members to create the photographic events.

Tara has exhibited extensively in the Middle East, Asia and Europe, including both group and solo exhibitions at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art (Turkey). Her works are included in the Salsali Private Museum (Dubai, UAE), Samawi Collection (Dubai, UAE), Alexa von Arnim Photography Collection (Germany), H. and Jakkal Siributr Collection (Thailand), Marrian Fassler Collection (South Africa), Istanbul Modern (Turkey) and the Sevil Sabancı Collection (Turkey).



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