Emin Altan

Emin Altan was born in 1962 in Çanakkale. The artist, who began his professional life as a naval architect, took a radical decision to complete his twenty-five-year career on a world tour of five years and began to write a visual story in which he focused on the traces of chaos and collapse of the post industrial revolution and looked for traces of his childhood among the ruins and published the photo book Chaosmos in 2018.

In 2015, the long journey in which he was searching for the traces of the endless desire to dominate the “other” and the process in which humans, having been alienated from their labor, become alienated from nature as well as themselves to eventually destroy their own kind, finally brings him to Chernobyl and a new adventure transformed itself to an arkeological excavation has began.

The artist continues to work in Istanbul.



Website: http://eminaltan.com



TRT World, December 2020
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