Chaosmos, "Untitled 4"

Chaosmos, "Untitled 4"

Emin Altan

Emin Altan was born in 1962 in Çanakkale. The artist, who began his career as a ship engineer, took a radical decision to complete a twenty-five-year career on a world tour of five years, and began to write a visual story in which he looked for traces of his childhood among the ruins of the collapsed civilizations. interested in photography since the '90s and producing projects Altan, IFSAK and Photography Foundation aiming to contribute to the on-site meeting with the international photographic circles of Turkish photographers took part in the international photography festivals regulatory bodies; ”To learn to take better photographs“, he joined Anders Petersen's workshops; However,  upon completion of the workshop was not able to press the shutter button for eight years. The artist continues to work in Istanbul.




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