Ünal Baş

Ünal Baş (b.1996, Istanbul) As a chronic observer, he is creating works about the others, who is us, while he is trying to reach the others. To describe the others, sometimes he may write a poem of a story of accumulated words, and sometimes he may create just the existence under the lights through his photographs that shows us things we would like to avoid to see, things beyond the visible. He is still creating his works that he created from unbreakable bounds of essence and words. According to Ünal Baş, photography is somehow related to the ruling, possessing or belonging to something. Photography’ is aiming to reach out every existing possibility in the future. Because of that it is not only trying to catch nature and its context, but also aiming to catch a deeper sight of its substance, which is beyond imagination but still connected to the reality. That’s why emotions are forming the first source of Unal’ photographs. In his works, he is trying to visualize the emotions while on the other hand he is searching for what the image can provide beyond its limits. In order to protect sanctity of his primary source, he passes to a secondary source: the things. He tries to figure out his desires and amplify their visibility while interfering with things that are in conjunction with emotions. At the same time, he enriches his first source somehow with a second existence. He is reflecting the image not with the representation of nature but also all the possibilities behind that representation and beyond.