A Lie is Born

A Lie is Born



After a year working between London, Paris, Dubai, Amman and Beirut, British-Iraqi artist Athier Mousawi is ending his five month residency in Istanbul with a highly anticipated solo show. The 4 October launch of The Birth and Destruction of the Eagle will be the first exhibition at new gallery space, Poligon - The Shooting Gallery, in the fashionable Galata district of Istanbul.

The show will premiere an all-new series of large monochromatic screen prints on paper from Athier, which sees the artist moving away from the large-scale colour paintings that have been the focus of his practice over the last few years.

This new series of work continues his exploration into the idealized form of the eagle, specifically the Eagle of Saladin, used as a symbol of Pan-Arab strength and unity. The prints aim to describe this ambient symbol in a less static way, posing questions about its origin and relevance to the people it is intended to represent.

Athier said: “Like all eagles, this one must come from an egg, and like all eggs it must be contained by a nest. But when the eagle is a lie that falsely represents power and freedom to a people, what would this nest look like? And at what point between hatching and becoming the eagle of Saladin would it become this lie?”

Renowned Turkish gallerist Kerimcan Guleryuz, who is the Director of Poligon and The Empire Project, said: “It is with great joy and excitement that we launch our maiden show at Poligon - The Shooting Gallery, with the works of Athier Mousawi, an artist that with his vision, talent and boundless energy personifies the ideals we have set for ourselves. The Turkish scene is becoming more open and exposed to artists with roots in the Arab world, and it is more important than ever to present a healthy context where works from the region can be explored and shared. The quality of the works, as well as the depths to which Athier digs while turning his ‘eagle eye’ onto the state of imagined/desired versus reality, will delightfully surprise an expectant audience”

Athier Mousawi

The Birth and Destruction of an Eagle

04 Oct - 20 Oct 2012