Downfall#1. 2012. C-print. 100x100 cm.

Downfall#1. 2012. C-print. 100x100 cm.



Poligon “The Shooting Gallery”presents young artist Ahmet Can Mocan's new project “Downfall”.

The exhibition can be seen from 12 December 2012 till 5 January 2013.

“Downfall”, a criticism of humanity and the human condition, is the newest photograph project of Ahmet Can Mocan, where he looked into topics such as depression, loneliness, ethics, conscience, death and isolation.

The artist's personal experience of being in a hopeless state of mind in the last couple of years played a major part on realization of this project. The whole process enabled him to see how unhappy everyone was. Constant fatigue, alcohol abuse, tendency to violence, inefficiency and the increase in depression are the subjects that intrigues the artist the most.

He picked locations that sparked timelessness and not belonging. He thought of models as inanimate and incorporated them into pictures that way. All the photos are fictional however the artist strived to make them feel realist. In other words, he made his works of fiction and imagination a part of reality through his photos.

This project is a path from one person's inner journey to an extensive perspective of the whole humanity.

Ahmet Can Mocan


12 Dec - 05 Jan 2013