Raw #2. Archival pigment print, metal. 42x36,5cm. 2012.

Raw #2. Archival pigment print, metal. 42x36,5cm. 2012.


Poligon “The Shooting Gallery” presents Görkem Ergün’s new photographic project “RAW”.

This exhibition consists of two parts: Strong archival portraits of executed or about to be executed prisoners, and their hypothetical last impressions of the world before their final moments.

Photography artist Görkem Ergün explains his art as follows:  

I try to code the things ‘in between’, the incomprehensible one in the first instant, the uncoded one (Punctum) as Barthes termed it.  Violence, fear and death make up an important part of my work.  I focus on the confusion between the reality and the dream for a moment and to re-create the curious and tense mood at the spectator. My objective is to put together things that are not supposed to be together and to give meaning to them, to create a new mood through them.”
Found archival images, the act of manipulation and original photos he shoots are the basis of the works of the artist.  

Görkem Ergün


09 Jan - 02 Feb 2013