Woman on the Beach. 2012. Oil on canvas.125x90 cm.

Woman on the Beach. 2012. Oil on canvas.125x90 cm.


Erhan Özışıklı displays his works around the concept of a “Feast” at Poligon-The Shooting Gallery between  14 March-6 April 2013.

The artist says the relationship between the bestial fascination and beauty in the feast as well as a humanistic depth is the main issue in his works. He says it is possible to see his paintings as narratives of how they are produced: “What you see tells the story of how they are made”.

Kerimcan Güleryüz , the founder of the Empire ve Poligon galleries  makes the following comment on the works of Erhan Özışıklı:  “What I find interesting in his work is that he is an artist who is pulled by two extremes. One comes from an romantic obsessive observer with a almost hyper detailed story-tale world which crashes against the second practically nihilist alter-ego wanting to deconstruct & deform the flights of fancy of the romantic side. A push and pull between a dream half-realized and the brutality of the real world. He takes risks in composition and narrative at times a glorification of the bad painting, from our naif world, counter-played with a mature aesthetics.”

The exhibition consists of 9 mixed media works on canvas and 4 framed works on paper. 

Erhan Özışıklı


06 Mar - 06 Apr 2013