Since coming on to the world art stage over ten years ago Jasper de Beijer has stood apart from the relatively hyped and gimmicky contemporary art scene. His works are a combination of elements that come together to create multiple layered illusionary documents. Images which challenge the viewers singrained readings of photography as a document of fact. The foundation of the works stems from the obsessive seeking of the line, spewing forth from the hands of an obsessive drawing fetishist. His combining of scale models and carefully-assembled tableaux allow the viewer to look at his carefully constructed scenes with fresh eyes, testing the visual perception of the audience.


Mr. Knight’s World Band Receiver was inspired by the story of Christopher Knight, who at the age of 18 packed a few things and then disappeared into the woods near to the North Pond/Chicago, USA.  After this, Knight avoided contact with other people for 27 years until he was found by the authorities in 2013.  The hermit’s main source of information about outside world was a small radio.

In this series, De Beijer adopts Mr. Knight’s visual isolation, and he aims to visualize important historical events during this period from Christopher’s viewpoint.

Jasper de Beijer, was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1973. In 1992, De Beijer enrolled at the Amsterdam School of Arts, from which he graduated in 1996. He then attended Utrecht School of Arts’ Autonomous Design Programme, graduating in 1997. De Beijer’s education in various fields, helped him to create projects that includes lots of layers. The artist completed twelve projects in his studio in Amsterdam by combining different methods. He also joined solo and group exhibitions in several countries. His work was included in some significant collections like Bank of America and Rabobank.

Jasper de Beijer

Mr. Knight's World Band Receiver

15 Jan - 21 Feb 2015