"A person under the influence of any of those extravagant passions -avarice and ambition- is not only miserable in his actual situation, but is just as often disposed to disturb the peace of society in order to gain what he so foolishly admires."*
The Empire Project is proud to announce the commencement of the 2015-2016 season with the long awaited new show by Alp Sime. Setting the stage for these new works in its new stand alone building in the heart of Cihangir, Istanbul's new art epicenter, the empire project is thrilled to host this show which is sure to become an important milestone in the career of this iconic photographer. 
Featuring a selection of brand new works the exhibit shifts between poignant observations and a ironic sense of humor leveling the playing field of human interaction in a more and more divisive and polarized atmosphere.
"Once a story conquers a personality it often clashes with what is real and the consequences are commonly tragicomic. This work on the whole is an attempt to translate this notion into visual form."**
Designed with sensitivity and precision and masterfully implemented, the works in the exhibition relay, sometimes directly and sometimes allegorically, the vacuity of the attempt to assert dominance.
Recognized for his interest in the guidance of the subconscious and his sense of dark humor the artist stimulates the spectator to view these works with a sense of reminiscence.
*    Adam Smith, Theory of Moral Sentiments, 1759.
**   Alp Sime, 2015.

Alp Sime

Under Control and Compassion

01 Sep - 03 Oct 2015