"When they erected the first one, displeasure occured. This was the easy part. Now it was time to believe. They started to do so.


-Formality: a series of waiting-


They woke up to the dampness of seven columns. They waited for light for forty days and it has arrived. They wanted wet glow to dry. When the dry radience glowing from hands began, they lived. When they placed a pedestal on a corner with their bare hands, they flushed. The ones next to them calmed them down. Their faces cooled down and they carried on. They said that if they bend double, they could hear better. They were full, when they collected and drank what is flowing. They wanted the story heard from the mouth of a tumor, to come to an end they tirelessly arranged the spores of believing. They looked at the plainness from the gap of the wound; yet when they saw who is coming, they served the food, which they blended in the grout of a thousand salvia. One of them made as if he was about to put his head on the pillow that the other one has made: they believed.


This is what we have listened. Isn't there also a misfortune of this story? The disgrace of these things. What you are about to see wants to tell you the unheard pieces of these leaps. An image, named as shadow, is spread out under each leaping foot: This dark mark gets filled up like a sack licking the threshold. Since that first displeasure..."

Görkem Ergün


20 Nov - 19 Dec 2015