This exhibit can be considered a departure from the artists prior body of work, in that the influence of technique on style is less tangible, the works are more elemental, stripped of bells and whistles and are capable of stating their case with a minimum of effort.  


In Batur’s previous work one feels the tension between style/tone, a feeling of being overwhelmed by the space in which the image is present. Yet the photographs extend the gaze from the inside confronting us with other surfaces. 


These photographs speak of time and things beyond what they show, maybe in the before, maybe to be lost in the moment after. Meaning, which journeys to a place hidden beyond the visible is the challenge that the photographs ask of themselves.


The physical and visual display and exhibition of the works progresses with and shares a sort of body language with the physicality of the act of taking the image originally. The installation of the exhibition is in a conspiracy with the moment of conception.

Cemil Batur Gökçeer


29 Apr - 04 Jun 2016