Ali Taptık’s exhibition “Redeployment”, which will be on display at The Empire Project during the 2016 summer, is comprised of a selection of works from four photographic series: his most recently published photobook “Nothing Surprising”(2008-2014), Reform-Reset-Revisit (2014) produced for Venice Architecture Biennale - La Biennale di Venezia, “it’s not fair” a web project produced in conjunction with the Art International Fair/Istanbul (2015) and lastly, “Teğet”, a hitherto unpublished series/ body of work. With this “Redeployment”, Taptık is contrasting bodies of works which find their common core in urban and environmental issues with those that are shaped by individual sensibilities opening a rear-window into the to-and-fro of a process. As in the case of his 2011 exhibition “Deployment” this collection of works affords the artist a chance to map the simultaneous journeys he embarks upon in his practice.

Ali Taptık


11 Jun - 10 Sep 2016