The Empire Project opens its 6th exhibition season with Bashibazouk Volume III: “Counting days", on 30th of September.

The Empire Project is proud to announce the beginning of the 2016-17 exhibition season with Bashibazouk Volume III its 3rd in the series of group shows that showcases new works from its established artists as well as highlights new talents. Among the featured artist will be brand new works from SENA, and the recent recipient of the first Elliot Erwitt Fellowship Ali Taptık and Erhan Ozisikli. In addition The Empire Project will be showing new and previously unseen works from Nathalie Mamboury and Helio Leon.

In this new installment of the Bashibazouk series “Counting days",”…the implication is that regardless of the unknown, we continue our daily struggle to exist and as a natural outcome will continue to produce, not out of some commercial expectancy but because this is our nature, it's how we relate, it’s how we survive and try and make sense of this world. This collection of works is not an en devour to make some sort of prophesy of things to come, there is no grandstanding about the unforeseeable future, but a simple declaration of presence and continuity…” says gallery owner and director Kerimcan Guleryuz.

Previous installations of the Bashibazouk series featured the initial showings of works from such artists as Filliposs Tsitsapoulos, Can Pekdemir, Banu Birecikligil, SENA, C.M.Kosemen, Yuşa Yalcıntaşand Deniz Üster"

“Bashibazouk” takes its title from the term describing an alternative recruitment form of irregular soldiers in the Ottoman army that functioned as scouts in war to destabilize the opposing army until 19th century when they were disbanded for their disruptive behavior. In an attempt to re-visit the concept as a satire of the human condition in contemporary culture, the artists in the series were selected due to the un-submissive, exploratory, and risk taking nature of their works. 






























Ali Taptık, Erhan Özışıklı, Helio León, Nathalie Mamboury, SENA

"Counting the Days" Bashibazouk Volume III

30 Sep - 17 Dec 2016