“Mediation” began with İpek Çınar photographing a village house during a visit to her hometown; a house that appeared to disatach from its earthly foundations when captured in a still image. Ripped from its foundations and hence re-framed; it called out to have its surroundings, interior and history refilled and have its own story.

Once upon a time it housed a newlywed couple. A couple incapable of connecting to each other, who damaged and were damaged by each other, who took pleasure from each other, who were furious with each other, who couldn’t make it work, who gnashed their teeth, lost their human virtue and just kept going.

"Once more, what was cause and what was effect became confused. The more he felt guilty, the more he attacked Çitlikli. Well, Çitlikli sat prettily, as she felt relieved believing she was paying her dues, Bekir's misdeeds escalated. Poor fellow, day by day he was losing his human feelings. Yet, when he was a child... As he became all the more estranged, it turned out that the burden on Çitlikli's shoulders grew all the more. First existing in an attempt to annihilate the other, then ending up to bring the other into existence; dependent upon each other, emerging from the other, renewing each other... Becoming violent bit by bit..."


Mediation, like all stories and photographs is a subjective reflection of reality. Independent of the individuals inside of it, it carries life. The artist with the story that she has created not only reflects on the violence inherent in sexuality, but also on the unteachable, un-transferable, emotional and sexual states of the human condition.

The term “Mediation” helps to cap and complete the state of vagueness imposed by these concepts of intertwined relationships, progress and dependence.

The exhibition will take place at Poligon “The Shooting Galley” between January 27th – February 25th.

İpek Çınar


27 Jan - 25 Feb 2017