"Sometimes, I find myself wandering on a path of levity that may never be reached, on the shores of an ending I cannot exactly describe. Rather than trapped in a spiders web, I'm in a room off of a labyrinth-like path, where I’m faced with the things I’ve lost.

As I think of my beloved Nadir, who once told me “You will be the poem of good things not the poet of good days”, I may want you to witness all that was made ready for me, before I was born. Embracing what I thought was the freedom of a bird in flight, I stumbled, staggered away from my friend who was a mountain for me. Now, here I am in a cell in my proverbial monastery gazing upon my friend, my lover who I’ve lost to that unknowable end; an unfinished book, a town vanished off into the past, and my estranged partner."

Silva Bingaz, Istanbul March 2017

Silva Bingaz


07 Apr - 27 May 2017