Human | Art | Group Show |

June 2011

Human | Art | Group Show |

The Empire Project is proud to announce its second exhibition featuring the works of Rasha Kahil, Halil Koyutürk, Sean Lee, Manolo Menéndez, Gözde Türkkan and Gök┼čin Varan on June 09 – September 17, 2011.

In the end we are alone. Cold. Abandoned in a giant social collective. Solitary, naked little individuals, sharing one common denominator: we are Human.

We try to find or create our own niche, our comfort zone in the noise and confusion of it all. Just as moths move toward a source of light we crave some comforting, all-encompassing glow that offers us a warm embrace, without judgment.

Standing as the eternal outsiders, peeking in through windows, looking for that flicker that will warm us.