Artist Performance by SSCA, Bike Smut @ Empire

October 2011

Artist Performance by SSCA, Bike Smut @ Empire

Come witness Bike Smut's last show in Turkey!

Bike Smut is a traveling showcase of erotic bicycle films and performances compiled of submissions from all over the world! Hailing from Portland, Oregon. USA, they have spent the past four years touring North America with this compilation of tantalizing bicycle art. They are currently on their first ever European tour, completing their escapades in Turkey at The Empire Project.

Importantly, Bike Smut is a shared experience and the only way to see it is at a screening. There are no DVDs and you cannot find it on the Internet. Their aim is to bring the community together to share and discuss issues of obscenity, pornography and transportation. Because of this, Istanbul, it will probably be the only chance you will have to experience it.

Bertrand Ivanoff is the first guest in the performance series hosted by The Society in Support of Contemporary Art. The event will be in English with no translation.