Established in 2010 The Empire Project has exhibited the works of more than 40 Artists in two different historical venues over 7 seasons, engaging a devoted audience with seminars, workshops and projects.

The Empire Project identifies and exhibits contemporary art from the regions which have historically been within the cultural sphere of influencecentered upon (or significantly affected by) the imperial focus we today call Istanbul. Geographically speaking, the range is wide, including most of the Mediterranean world and Arabian Peninsula, much of Eastern Europe, Anatolia, the Black Sea region, and Central Asia.

In 2017 shifted its format to continue its endeavors outside of the conventional brick-and-mortar gallery-oriented venue to focus on serving and collaborating with the arts community in the absence of a fixed exhibition space, primarily dedicated to show casing emerging artists The Empire Project presents solo and group shows in alternating spaces and places.


Kerimcan Güleryüz


Sena Pekiner