Esra Rotthoff

Esra Rotthoff is a Berlin based artist, who stages her photographic series all over the world.

She graduated from the renowned Berlin University of the Arts and was honored for the Meistersch├╝ler (Phd in Art).
She has won numerous awards including The Red Dot Award (2006, 2008), The IF-Award (2008, 2009), The Canon Profashional Award (2009), Sappi Award (2010), Gute Plakate Award (2012) and has been nominated twice for Deutscher Designpreis (2009, 2010).

Esra Rotthoff works in the real world, in real locations, building up her sets in both a pre-meditated and spontaneous way. Following a two month artist-residency program in Istanbul, she showed her work at the Contemporary Istanbul 2012 as her premier showing in Istanbul. She is collaborating with theaters, singers and writers all over the world to realize her visual ideas.

Esra Rotthoff