Born in Ankara in 1957.

In 1980, he left Turkey for imperative reasons. He lives in Stockholm. He taught photography for many years at various educational institutions including Nordens Fotoskola. He made the introduction of photography in Northern Europe with the viewers in Turkey.  He led to share the experience of young photographers from Turkey and Sweden. He selects issues from Turkey for his long-term projects. He has intense interest in the problems of Turkey which we could see in his work as a visible reflection of his personality traits and world outlook.

Selected Personal Exhibitions:

1997    The Smell of Thinner, Galeri Kontrast, Stockholm 2003    T.S., Galeri Kontrast, Stockholm 2007    A Cloud of Black Smoke, Karsi Sanat, Istanbul

Selected Books:

1997    Lukten av Thinner, Fotoskop, Stockholm'de 2003    T.S., Fotoskop, Stockholm 2007    A Cloud of Black Smoke, Fotoskop, Stockholm