MEHEMT GULERYUZ / DRAWINGS 1971-2013 The Empire Project, Kadıköy
10 Jun - 10 Aug 2024

The Empire Project's venue in Kadıköy/Yeldeğirmeni hosts Mehmet Güleryüz's patterns. A selection of different patterns produced by Güleryüz between 1971 and 2013 can be seen at The Empire Project starting from June 2024.

"The best connection point to think about what the past time has brought is pattern. Pattern is what allows structuring relationships that can connect the smallest time unit, even those that are disconnected from each other, and overcoming this process that is difficult to analyze.

.Since the drive during improvisation is based on gestures, the resulting picture is like the revelation of a hidden state. In my opinion, the most attractive aspect of sketches showing the painter's solution process is that they are within touching distance of the viewer. Maybe they do not have the unity and richness of values that are sought after, but they clearly present very simple determinations and their words. In this respect, the pattern is both fresh like a sketch and draws the viewer into close range with its spontaneity, and also takes on the general problematic of the painting and participates in all stages of the painting.

Before the pattern, the line has an existence of its own; In its current state, before the mission of carrying your language, it creates an alienating effect. Like the breath in the ney, it comes to life with your breath, gains the freedom to influence and becomes a sentence. Therefore, the structure in the designer's mind and the questions related to that structure are extremely important. No matter what kind of structure the designer questions, sooner or later he questions the third dimension in the two dimensions in which he is limited and connects the arguments about not only the visible plan but also the invisible plans of the form he will achieve." Mehmet Güleryüz, quoted from the book, Resimgeçit 2014.

You can visit the exhibition from Monday to Friday, between 12.00-18.00.